In most parts of Europe and USA, people are currently enjoying plenty of sunshine as the summer is coming closer. But the sun hasn’t shown its full potential yet. So, how can you enjoy the heartfully warm days while keeping your skin healthy?

Here are five tips on how to keep a healthy skin in the summer, without missing out on the pleasures of sunlight.

1. Be cautious with tanning

Tanned skin is often considered a sign of health and attractiveness, but in reality, it is a sign of skin damage. Research has shown that the continuous damage to skin cells from exposure to UV light increases the likelihood of skin cancer and melanoma. In fact, 90% of melanomas are estimated to be caused by UV exposure.

2. Wear sunscreen

We can’t stress this enough: the sun is lovely, but it can be harsh on your skin. Wear sunscreen every time you come across direct sunlight. For maximum protection from UV light, apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or more, at least half an hour before you get exposed to the sun. You will still tan while protecting your skin.

3. Drink water

During hot days, your body sweats more often to cool down its temperature, which results in constant loss of fluid. Your skin cells moisturize your skin using their natural chemicals, among which water is the key ingredient. Any loss of the body’s water volume in a day can lead to skin dehydration. To avoid this, drink water throughout the day. Make sure you always have a bottle of water with you, even when you are not exposed to direct sunlight, to keep a hydrated and healthy skin in the summer.

4. Seek some shade

When temperatures are rising, it is important not to stand under the sun for too long. The UV rays are most harmful between 11 am and 4 pm, so make sure you seek some shade during this time to protect your skin from possible damages.

5. Check skin health regularly

Most skin diseases are entirely treatable when diagnosed at an early stage. In addition to your daily beauty routine, it is always recommended to perform regular checks on your skin. You can do this easily and comfortably with free Skinive app directly from your smartphone. Try it now!