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Skinive.Cloud offers a B2B SaaS tool that can be accessed through an API and allows for the instant analysis of over 50 different types of skin conditions. This product is useful for R&D, as well as for quickly creating skin analysis applications. It also helps brands gain a deeper understanding of their customers' needs.










Product features

Analyse skin condition

Our advanced AI engine has been trained on millions of images of skin, allowing it to efficiently evaluate and identify over 50 important skin health metrics.

Engage with
your customers

Improve customer loyalty and engagement by providing a high-quality, cutting-edge skin health advisor as part of your IT solutions.

Recommend suitable product

Using your customer's skin metrics, our advanced AI recommendation engine will suggest the best products for achieving the perfect skin results.


Connect with your customers

Add Skinive AI algorithm into the interface of your own client application to accurately analyse skin, provide personalised product recommendations and health guides for your customers.

The platform conducts a detailed skin analysis online, assess skin health, and transmits the gathered information to your customer app.

Telemedicine? Automate your online dermatology consultations!

Assess & Track skin changes

By integrating Skinive.Cloud into EHR EMR systems, private practice doctors, dermatology specialists and researchers can use Skinive AI to perform skin diagnostics, track changes in skin condition, analyse research data and generate detailed and comprehensive skin reports for their clients. Add Skinive widget to the website to increase the conversion rate for new and loyal patients!

Build your own product personalisation

Use data-driven skin treatment products recommendations to get marketing insights for retail points of sale and online marketplaces. Create your own product personalization

Use data-driven skin care product recommendations to get marketing insights for retail outlets and online marketplaces. For best results, involve doctor + pharmacist combination to give prescriptions and sell exactly your products!

Our Skinive.Cloud customers are:

  • Health & Beauty Apps
  • Telemedicine platforms
  • Skin product websites
  • Healthcare Providers & workers
  • Laboratory Service Providers
  • Online Pharmacies

Transparent Pricing Plan

based on monthly usage

starts from €300/mo

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Skinive Apps are CE-Marked medical software trusted by dermatologists and being used by people at home and by professionals in primary care all around the world.