Our team is pleased to present a new application in the Skinive line – the Skinive Web Widget, based on our API service Skinive.Cloud .

We have a holistic dermatological artificial intelligence that can scan 30 skin conditions: all forms of skin cancer, viral diseases and acne.

Check the accuracy of our algorithm via the Skinive web widget below:

The Skinive Web Widget easily integrates into websites with any CMS-systems, from Tilda and WordPress to custom systems, and searches our image database for matches and returns the name of the skin condition.

Skinive will be able to increase user engagement and conversion in actions for the following categories of sites:

  • Skin Care Websites & Blogs
  • Health Information Sites
  • Telemedicine Platforms
  • Websites of clinics and beauty salons
  • Websites for healthcare professionals
  • Pharmaceutical companies specialized in dermatology
  • Patient Advocacy Sites

Easy to integrate

<div class="wwrapper">
   <div id="sk"></div>
   <script src="https://cdn.skiniver.com/widget/skinive.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
   <script type="text/javascript">
      wkey: 'token', 
      contact: 'widget@skinive.com', 
      lang: 'en', 
      color: '#a104fa',
      tc: "https://skinive.com/support/terms/", 
      appointmentText: "Your text", 
      appointmentLink: "Your text"})

Do you want to install the Skinive web widget on your site?

Contact us now for further instructions!