Large-scale pilot project Skinive in more than 30 medical institutions in Belarus

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus

Large-scale pilot project Skinive in more than 30 medical institutions in Belarus

Large-scale pilot project Skinive in more than 30 medical institutions in Belarus 1200 600 Skinive

The period of approbation in health care institutions of Belarus will last 6 months. More than 30 republican, regional and district medical institutions have already joined the initiative.

Doctors, with the patient’s consent, will be able to take photographs of skin diseases, which the neural network will process in less than 30 seconds. The Skinive algorithm has been trained on over 130,000 images and has been validated by oncologists and dermatologists. He will provide several options for preliminary detention, make recommendations.

Врач Виктор Спиридонов

According to the chief physician of the Vitebsk Regional Clinical Center for Dermatovenereology and Cosmetology Viktor Spiridonov, the specialists of the center will actively use the development of Belarusian programmers for the early diagnosis of an aggressive form of cancer – melanoma.

“About 100 cases of melanoma are registered in the region every year. With the help of a mobile application that works with cloud technologies, it is possible to more accurately determine the nature of neoplasms on the skin and prescribe appropriate treatment,” said Viktor Spiridonov.

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Skinive medical expert, oncologist-surgeon Viktor Shpudeiko, spoke about the main tasks of the approbation: “Within the framework of the pilot project, training will be conducted on using the Skinive MD application and performing mobile screening for skin pathologies. In addition, our team has developed educational courses on the basics of dermatoscopy and will provide a certificate of their study, will help implement Skinive solutions in the medical practice of specialists.”

Objectives of Skinive MD approbation:

  • Test the mobile application by specialized medical specialists;
  • Get feedback from doctors through questionnaires to identify possible shortcomings in the application;
  • Improve the functionality of the application, according to the wishes of medical specialists;
  • Train the Skinive neural network in new types of skin pathologies and analyze the accuracy of the neural network assessment results;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of Skinive implementation as a tool for automating the work of medical specialists;
  • Develop a clinical trial program for the Skinive MD mobile application to obtain a medical device certificate in the future.

According to the latest WHO data, about 20% of the world’s population have some kind of skin problem. On average, there are only 26 dermatologists per 1,000,000 people in the world, which is clearly not enough for timely diagnosis and treatment of patients. Since diagnostic equipment is not available to general practitioners, about 30% of cases are late diagnosed. Also, in many cases, with little or no health risk, referrals are issued to specialized specialists, which increases the burden on them and takes time to treat serious diseases in other patients.

“Our mission is to increase the statistics of detecting skin diseases at the earliest stages. This will reduce the cost of treatment, improve the quality of medical services, and, of course, preserve the health and beauty of the people around us. Skinive is an affordable solution that allows you to introduce into medical practice not only dermatologists, but also general practitioners and related specialties who have contact with the skin of patients. Positive feedback from doctors about the Skinive.MD mobile application gives us confidence in the success of testing and further use of our solutions for the benefit of human health.” commented Kirill Atstarov, Skinive project manager.

Digital Dermatology AppThe Skinive.MD mobile application is a unique tool for differential diagnostics and documentation of dermatoscopic examinations of patients, including mapping of moles to observe them in dynamics. For six months, dozens of healthcare institutions in various regions of Belarus will be testing this software product.

With the help of the AI-smart camera of the Skinive.MD mobile application, medical specialists, with the patient’s consent, will be able to take high-quality images of suspicious skin lesions, get a second opinion from artificial intelligence in less than 30 seconds. The Skinive algorithm (trained on the basis of more than 130 thousand images with diagnoses confirmed by dermatologists) will provide several options for a preliminary conclusion, assess the level of threat to the patient’s health, offer recommendations and advice on further actions. The 3D skin map improves the speed of documentation and improves the quality of examinations of skin conditions.

Application of Skinive in education

Медицинское образование интерны БГМУ

Educational materials: The Skinive.MD application includes such familiar educational materials as: a dermatological atlas with many photo examples of skin diseases, scientific and medical articles on the most common skin neoplasms and diseases. In the near future, a section with video courses “Online Dermatology” will appear in the application, which was developed under the guidance of Anna Michenko, (Dermatovenerologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences).

Dermatology Trainer: The Skinive Algorithm offers an innovative learning-by-doing method that goes beyond the number of photo examples in your usual dermatology atlases. Young professionals and medical students can improve their imaging skills at any time thanks to hints from the Skinive neural network.

Safety of medical data: Convenient storage of depersonalized images of areas of skin neoplasms has been organized through the use of modern cloud technologies. Each patient in the application corresponds to a unique identification code, which ensures anonymity, excludes the possibility of determining the ownership of anonymized data to a specific person.

Reference: The Skinive pilot project in the Republic of Belarus is recommended for approbation by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, is included in the list of Medtech projects of the HTP for assistance and partnership with Belarusian health care institutions by the Minutes of Instructions of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No. 37 / pr. from 04.10.2019

Source: HTP Press-room

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