In recent years, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the field of dermatology has revolutionised the approach to assessing and diagnosing skin conditions. Giants such as Google have also entered this field with their innovative Derm Assist offering. In this article, we will look at the key differences between Skinive and Google’s Derm Assist technology, their user profiles and the unique benefits Skinive offers.

What is Derm Assist?

Derm Assist is a dermatology-focused artificial intelligence tool developed by Google. It uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to analyse skin images and make possible diagnoses for various skin conditions. The technology is designed to help patients be more informed about their skin condition.

Google announces AI-powered derm assist tool for smart phones

User profile of the Skinive and Derm Assist apps

Skinive users: Skinive is designed for those who are looking for a comprehensive and personalised approach to their skin health. Whether the user wants to monitor their skin condition, receive skin care recommendations, or research specific skin conditions, Skinive is designed for a wide range of users with different needs.

Derm Assist users: Derm Assist is aimed at general users who are concerned about skin conditions but do not require comprehensive analyses. It serves as a useful initial guide to encourage the user to seek professional medical advice.

The main differences between the Skinive & Skinive MD and Derm Assist apps:

Whereas Derm Assist only provided a web app similar to a standard image search, Skinive offers two different mobile apps – Skinive and Skinive MD. The Skinive app is designed for the general public and allows them to self-assess their skin condition and get personalised recommendations for further action. On the other hand, the Skinive MD app is designed for medical practitioners and provides advanced analysis and diagnostic capabilities for professional use in medical practice.

User Interface and Accessibility:
The Skinive and Skinive MD apps are user-friendly and easily accessible to any user, allowing them to check skin conditions at their convenience. Derm Assist is a web-based application.

Data Privacy and Security:
Both Skinive and Derm Assist prioritise privacy and data security. However, Skinive focuses on protecting user data by following privacy guidelines and does not require as much personal data as Google.

Benefits of Skinive apps:

Skinive app – Ask AI Dermatologist to help your skincare routine. Official Youtube channel
  1. Accessibility and convenience:
    Skinive offers the convenience of self-assessing skin conditions from the comfort of your smartphone, reducing the need for unnecessary visits to the doctor for minor skin problems.
  2. Larger dermatology database:
    The accuracy of AI algorithms directly depends on the size of the dataset being trained. The Skinive neural network algorithm has over 200,000 labeled images in the training dataset, versus 60,000 images in the Google database.
  3. Data Security:
    You can only use Derm Assist if you have a Google account, which may indicate that this corporation will know even more about you, including the health of your skin. It can use this data for ad targeting and other purposes. Skinive does not share your data with third-party companies and does not require a lot of personal data from you
  4. Early detection and prevention:
    By regularly checking your skin condition with Skinive and saving your self-examination history, you can detect changes in your skin and report potential problems early, allowing you to take early action and prevent more serious conditions.
  5. Personalised skin care recommendations:
    Skinive offers personalised skin care recommendations based on individual skin conditions and concerns, offering tailored solutions for optimal skin health.
  6. Increased skin health awareness: By raising awareness of skin health, Skinive empowers users to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and prioritise proactive skin care.


While both Skinive and Google’s Derm Assist use artificial intelligence technology to improve dermatological scores, they target different user profiles and needs. Skinive stands out as a comprehensive tool that provides personalized skin care recommendations and allows users to track and improve their skin condition. Whether you’re an individual looking to improve the condition of your skin or a healthcare professional in need of a powerful diagnostic tool, Skinive has you covered.

To unleash the power of AI-powered skin analysis, download the free Skinive app and start your journey to healthy, glowing skin.