A strategic technological alliance has been forged between the Italian digital health scale-up DaVinci Salute, part of the esteemed UNIPOL Group, and Skinive, an innovative enterprise harnessing the power of AI technology to address dermatological concerns. Skinive Apps are CE-Marked medical software trusted by dermatologists and being used by people at home and by professionals in primary care all around the world to conveniently detect and assess skin disease risks simply through a smartphone.

This transformative partnership is poised to streamline the accessibility of skin-related assistance via mobile devices, marking a significant milestone in advancing the field of remote dermatological care.

The DaVinci Salute platform has made remarkable strides in providing extensive support to over 2,000 Italian family physicians and their patient populations, serving approximately 700,000 patients and supporting chronic diseases with one of the largest programs in Europe. This initiative has resulted in impressive outcomes, including significant decrease of emergency room admission and reduced hospitalizations.

According to the European Association of Dermatovenereology, skin concerns often require longer appointment times with general practitioners. Skinive’s solution aims to bridge this gap by offering a simple and accessible way to check your skin health at home.

Up to half of skin problems can be resolved with over-the-counter products, eliminating the need for a doctor’s visit. Skinive’s Dermatology AI algorithm acts like a “search engine for your skin.” Instead of typing in text and searching for pictures, you can snap a photo of your skin condition, and Skinive’s technology provides you with information in plain language so you can make informed decisions about your skin.

The best part? You can do this from the comfort of your home using just your smartphone—no special equipment required. Skinive’s approach to skin self-exams increases accessibility to dermatological care, reducing undiagnosed or late-diagnosed cases and ultimately enhancing your quality of life.
Starting this month, DaVinci will grant access to skin monitoring on its app, facilitated by the CE marked Medical Skinive. This will be available to people, even if their family doctors have not yet adopted the DaVinci cloud platform for patient management. Moreover, after checking their skin with the smartphone, patients will also be able to book a dermatologic visit in one of the clinics affiliated to DaVinci if they want to meet with a specialist in person.

Skinive is all about simplifying skin care and making it accessible to everyone,” says Kirill Sokol, Skinive CEO. “Our AI-powered skin checker puts the information you need right at your fingertips, empowering you to take charge of your skin health. By integrating our dermatological AI solutions into the DaVinci Salute platform, we aim to simplify and improve remote dermatology care, ultimately benefiting both patients and healthcare professionals.

DaVinci Salute’s Co-CEO, Stefano Casagrande, enthusiastically commented on the technological integration of the two products, stating, “We consistently pursue strategic partnerships as a means to advance our mission of establishing a more accessible healthcare system in Italy. Through this, we empower patients to assume greater control over their healthcare journey, concurrently enhancing workflow optimization for healthcare professionals.” “At DaVinci Salute we believe that prevention is one of the highest forms of empowerment. Skin conditions may not always be preventable, but maintaining a regular and user-friendly skin monitoring regimen serves as the simplest way to proactively track and detect potential issues at their earliest stages.” added Andrea Orani, Co-CEO of DaVinci Salute.

The partnership between Skinive and DaVinci Salute reflects the shared vision of both companies to establish a new era of remote care, utilizing cutting-edge tools to enhance healthcare delivery.

About Skinive
Skinive is a leading provider of AI-powered dermatological solutions for consumers & Enterprises that empower individuals to monitor their skin health conveniently and proactively. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Skinive’s technology offers quick and accurate skin assessments, allowing users to take charge of their skin wellness. https://Skinive.com

About DaVinci Salute
DaVinci Salute is an Italian Health Tech scale-up, part of the Unipol group, on a mission to make physical and mental health more accessible for Italian patients. It offers solutions and tools to digitize general practitioner’s offices and to improve and simplify the relationship between family doctors and their patients. Furthermore it also offers a booking system directly on the website and app, for private visits and exams. Thanks to its innovative services and their social impact, DaVinci Salute was awarded with several prizes by many Institutions, from the Minister of Economic Development, to the Lombardy Region and the Municipality of Milan. It was also nominated among the most relevant startups at European level in the healthcare industry. Active since 2018, it takes pride in hyper growing from 20 to 100 young professionals in just a few months. www.davincisalute.com

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