Skinive – Startup Video Pitch for Emerge Conference

Skinive – Startup Video Pitch for Emerge Conference

Skinive – Startup Video Pitch for Emerge Conference 1100 619 Skinive

Skin diseases may cause a lot of problems if not found on time.
What is the easiest way to explore and take care of skin health?
Which solution is available for everyone?

Let’s see an example how Skinive analyzes 10 types of skin objects on real-time. This unique feature is available for smartphones without any additional equipment.

Nowadays, Skinive is able to detect 3 types of threats: oncological diseases, viral skin diseases and acne by proprietary neural network.

Skinive users are those people who do care about skin health and beauty. For example, cosmetologists are using Skinive to improve their professional level and take more care of their clients.

Everyone who takes care of themselves and people around – likes Skinive app.

By using Computer Vision Technology and proprietary neural network, Skinive helps to detect skin objects and assist personally.

The #SkiniveChallenge is our main marketing strategy. It is a goal to provide personalized advice for End-users and prevent dangerous skin diseases among people.

Donate a photo of your skin spots or moles to SkiniveBot.
Make a post with sticker and Hashtag #SkiniveChallenge.
Perform bot weekly tasks and get the Skinive.App

Skinive neural network is available as API-service for all developers to integrate with mobile&Web apps, Telemedicine services and Gadgets.

Become a central part of your customers’ community healthcare services by offering affordable skin health solutions that will raise profits and improve users experience.

We are looking for investments to launch on EU & US markets and develop our technology to detect new diseases by smartphones in real-time.

Skinive founders are specialists in Digital Health & DataScience.
Our team has the necessary skills, rich experience and connections with experts to be a leader in AI-Skincare market.

Don’t forget to Skinive your moles.

Thank you!

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