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A skin abscess, also called a boil, is a bump that appears within or below the skin’s surface. This bump is usually full of pus or translucent fluid. It’s typically due to a bacterial infection.

A skin abscess may appear on any part of the body. However, abscesses most commonly develop on the back, face, chest, or buttocks. Skin abscesses can also appear in areas of hair growth, such as the underarms or groin.

Most skin abscesses are harmless and may go away without treatment. Over-the-counter creams and medications may be all that’s needed to help speed the healing process of a minor abscess. Sometimes, skin abscesses are more difficult to treat and may require laceration or drainage.

There are cases in which an abscess can lead to serious, potentially life-threatening complications if left untreated.

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The rash may begin in the nose and spread over the entire face causing additional symptoms such as headache, loss of vision and loss of ability to drive or walk.

If the rash does develop, it can become lodged in the skin or other exposed areas of the nose and cause skin rashes to develop as a result.

The rash can also have a short life span or life-span. It is generally not uncommon for a patient to find himself or herself in a coma or a mental hospital condition.

The typical complication is an infection. It is usually a very simple, or “easy” matter for the doctor to diagnose, and may involve hospitalization. The common complication is an infection with the Mecoccus rhizoma, called a “disease”, that often results from the infection.

If a patient comes into contact with the infected tissue, the patient will develop the infection without further symptoms, or a hospitalization is required.