Explore your skin conditions with Skinive AI!

Your Everyday Skin Symptom Checker

It quickly analyzes your photo to provide personalized guidance and helpful information. Just send photo of your skin to Skinive via favourite messenger. TRY NOW IT FOR FREE!

Let Skinive take the worries out of your next rash, redness, itch, or other skin problem. It’s just that easy.


to make skin Self-Examination

Skinive in your messenger

Secure & Instant results

Don’t be shy! No picture of your entire face is required – just send a skin area.

Health & Beauty

Make regular Skincare monitoring easier than ever! No apps needed!

Approved by MD

Skinive AI technology was made and approved by professional dermatologists and cosmetologists

Power of AI

Technology is based on the experience of 10K MD’s and more than million skin conditions, to be your trusted skin advisor.

Skinive is there For You
whenever and wherever you need
make Skin Health Self-Examination


and take action!

When you want to stop worrying and start taking action, Skinive provides guidance and peace of mind right from your smartphone.


Skinive provides following skin-checks

– 10 types of Acne
– Benign formations (moles, angioma, dermatofirbroma etc.)
– Skin virus (warts, papiloma, molluscum)
– Pre-cancer formations (blue&dysplastic nevus, keratosis, bouen, etc.)
– Skin cancer (Melanoma&lentigo, bcc, scc, etc. )

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