Frequently Asked Questions


How to Start with Skinive

  • Skinive is a Skinicare AI-Assistant, based on deep learning & computer vision technologies & medical experience.

    Skinive enables you to check your skin spots for signs of skin cancer within 30 seconds. Our algorithm is currently at the level of a professional dermatologist and we continuously improve it. Skinive provides feedback about the preferred next step to take for skin spots with a potential health risk.

    Skinive also enables you to store photos to keep track of changes over time, helping you to monitor your health in the long term. The efficient and easy-to-use chat-bot solution is available for Telegram and Facebook Messenger and helps to make skin monitoring a simple routine.

  • If you have one or more skin spots, then Skinive is for you. Our customers range from people with just a few skin spots to people who survived skin cancer and want an easy and accurate way to keep track of their skin health. Like them, you can establish a skin health routine and monitor your skin regularly with Skinive to keep it healthy. Many customers tell us they were completely unaware that they were even at risk when they detected skin diseases using Skinive . This shows the importance of taking an active role in checking and monitoring your skin health regularly.

  • Skinive is not a diagnostic device and does not replace a visit to your doctor. Skinive helps you to become more aware of your skin so you can visit a doctor in time, and prepared.  If at any time you feel uncomfortable or you see that your skin spot is changing, irritating, or bleeding, we recommend you to visit a medical specialist without hesitation.

  • Skinive is available for iOS and Android devices. The app is functional for most android devices and iPhone 6 and higher witch camera 5ьзч and more. We are continuously working to optimise the app for other devices, so if you have any questions regarding your device, please contact us.

  • No apps needed – use your Facebook or Telegram messenger. Select the ‘Start’ button on the first screen and follow the instructions to make an account.

    Your Skinive profile helps you better understand your risk and provides you with personalised skin advice. Additionally, it contains a skin type questionnaire and risk profile questionnaire. With this information Skinive helps you better understand your skin and provides you with an archive that you can share with your doctor.

  • Yes, we do everything we can to protect your personal information. Skinive doesn’t sell your personal information to third parties and performs all possible measures to keep your data safe. All personal information and data is treated confidentially by authorized personnel.

    All data you provide to us is stored on secure cloud servers on territory of the European Union or stored by trusted external service providers outside the EU who work according to similar standards. We do everything we can to ensure that external service providers handle your data securely and according to the applicable law.

    All data you provide through the App and / or the Website are encrypted when transferred to and from the servers using Transport Layer Security (TLS). Furthermore, data is stored in coded form when stored on the servers.

    We store your account data and your digital images on separate data warehouses. The cloud server infrastructure is protected by firewalls and monitoring.

    Read our privacy policy for more information.

  • If you are considering deleting your account, please get in touch with us at inf0(at)skinive.com, and we’ll be happy to assist.

  • If you have any questions or encounter any issues with the platform please contact us  – we look forward to hearing from you!


About skin Self-Examination

  • It is important to track your skin spot because it can evolve over time. The features that you should look out for include asymmetry, border irregularity, color that is not uniform, and a diameter that is greater than 6 mm (about the size of a pencil eraser). If at any time you feel uncomfortable or you see that your skin spot is changing, irritating or bleeding, we recommend that you visit a medical specialist without hesitation.

  • Whether the Smart Check can be performed on a skin spot depends on whether the skin spot can be accurately photographed with the smart camera software of SkinVision. In some cases, this is not possible. For example:

    1. When there is something covering the skin spot, obstructing the view of the camera.

    Example: Hair, a tattoo, blood or other fluids covering the lesion.

    1. When the skin spot is close to or on a skin fold.

    Example: When the skin spot is close to an ear, a belly button, or on a lip. This might cause our image recognition software to be unable to make a distinction between the skin spot and the skin fold.

    1. When there is not enough contrast between the skin spot and the surrounding skin.

    Example: A light colored skin spot on light skin, or a dark colored skin spot on dark skin.

    If the Smart Check is not possible, we encourage you to try to do a skin check from the manual mode. This will however, not be supported by our smart technology and will therefore take longer to complete.

  • Skinive provides following skin-checks:

    • 10 types of Acne
    • Benign formations (moles, angioma, dermatofirbroma etc.)
    • Skin virus (warts, papiloma, molluscum)
    • Pre-cancer formations (blue&dysplastic nevus, keratosis, bouen, etc.)
    • Skin cancer (Melanoma&lentigo, bcc, scc, etc. )
  • Skinive offers a unique and scientifically-proven technology to detect signs of irregular patterns found in the most common types of skin cancer. The algorithm has been developed and tested in cooperation with dermatologists and checks for irregularities in color, texture, and shape of the lesion. The online solution helps you to visit a doctor prepared and in time.

  • Early detection of melanoma can significantly reduce both morbidity and mortality. The risk of dying from the disease is directly related to the depth of the cancer, which is directly related to the amount of time it has been growing unnoticed. Hence, earlier detection leads to thinner cancers and saves lives. Fortunately, unlike most other cancers, skin cancers present on the skin are most often readily visible to the patient and the examiner.

    Patient skin self-examination (SSE), physician-directed total-body skin exams (TBSE), and patient education are the keys to early detection.

    A 2003 study showed that SSE performers are generally diagnosed with thinner melanomas than non-performers (0.77 mm vs. 0.95 mm).1

    A further study, the largest population-based study of melanoma patients in Queensland, Australia, showed that for patients performing SSE, melanomas had a more favourable depth distribution (i.e., thinner tumors) than melanomas detected incidentally.2

    Although the data demonstrates that patient education and SSE lead to earlier diagnosis and decreased mortality, only a minority of at-risk individuals actually perform SSE. A 2004 study showed that only 28.1 percent of patients who developed melanoma performed SSE regularly.3

    Skinive not only allows individuals to perform SSE more easily but much more accurately than not only their own eye, but that of the average dermatologist. 4

    1. Carli P, De Giorgi V, Palli D, et al: Dermatologist detection and skin self-examination are associated with thinner melanomas: results from a survey of the Italian multi-disciplinary group on melanoma. Arch Dermatol 2003; 139:607-612.
    2. McPherson M, Elwood M, English DR, et al: Presentation and detection of invasive melanoma in a high-risk population. J Am Acad Dermatol 2006; 54:783-792.
    3. Carli P, De Giorgi V, Palli D, et al: Self-detected cutaneous melanomas in Italian patients. Clin Exp Dermatol 2004; 29:593-596.
  • To take the highest quality photos, please follow these instructions:

    • Photos are best taken in natural daylight, but indoors near a window or any brightly lit space will also work.
    • Move anything creating a shadow on your skin out of the way, including hair.
    • Hold the camera between 10 and 20 cm from your skin spot and move slowly towards the skin until a blue ring appears.
    • Keep the camera still (try resting it against your body) and the picture is taken automatically.

  • The accuracy of the algorithm-based Smart Check has been scientifically tested in several clinical studies. Skinive partners with specialised clinics.

    The accuracy in recognising skin cancer lesions (sensitivity) has improved over the years and is currently in line with specialised skin cancer doctors. More than 9 out of 10 lesions on the skin (both skin cancer and benign lesions) are correctly identified.

  • Skinive uses a scientifically-proven algorithm to check the skin spot in the photo for visible signs of skin diseases. The algorithm has been developed and tested in cooperation with dermatologists and checks for irregularities in color, texture and shape of the lesion. The proprietary mathematical algorithm calculates the dimension of skin lesions and surrounding skin tissues and builds a structural map that reveals the different growth patterns of the tissues involved. It indicates which skin spots should be tracked over time. Please be aware that the risk assessment does not provide a medical diagnosis, and should not replace a visit to your doctor.

  • Each photo that you take with the Skinive app can be stored.  You can additionally add notes to each photo, giving more information about any symptoms or the location to remind yourself at a later stage or to show your doctor in person.

    Skinive does not support multiple profiles at the moment, but you can add notes for members of your family or friends by labelling the the person’s name and the location of the skin spot. For example, ‘Michael Left Arm’.


Pricing and Payments

  • Skinive offers a complete skin diseases detection service that combines a clinically-proven machine-learning technology with the knowledge of in-house dermatologists to make sure you stay safe. Offering instant results about your skin health and personal doctor’s advice when necessary.

    Skinive AI technology
     helps you avoid waiting times at the doctor and unnecessary doctor visits. By using Skinive to detect skin cancer in time, you could also save on medical expenses arising from potential future treatment.

    Can’t decide? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • To purchase an individual Smart Check or the year plan (SkinHealth Program), select the Premium Subscription option in Chat-bot menu and follow the easy steps to payment.

    Once your payment has been processed you will receive a confirmation email. If you need any support in making a payment, please contact us

  • After your Free complementary Smart Check, you can choose to purchase them individually ($9,95), or join the SkinHealth Program for unlimited Smart Checks ($19,95 per month and $94,95 per year).

    With a single Smart Checks ($9,95):

    • You take a photo of your skin spot.
    • Our technology checks for irregular patterns and gives you a risk indication (low, medium, or high) within 30 seconds.
    • If you receive a high risk indication, our team of dermatologists and image recognition specialists provide you with personal advice within 48 hours about next steps to take.

    With the SkinHealth Program ($94,95 per year):

    • You can make unlimited Smart Checks for an entire year.
    • You no longer have to visit the doctor unnecessarily. Check your skin anytime from the comfort of your home, all year long.
    • If you receive a high risk indication, our team of dermatologists and image recognition specialists gives you personal advice within 48 hours about next steps to take.

    Spots that are not clearly visible and can not be checked with a Smart Check, can be sent in for $9,95 per check. Our team of dermatologists and image recognition specialists provide you with personal advice within 48 hours about next steps to take.

    Additional free features:

    • Personalised advice based on your skin type and risk profile.
    • Unlimited personal archiving of photos to track your skin health over time.
  • You can help your friends and family take better care of their skin health by telling them about Skinive. Simply go to your Profile menu in the Skinive app and click on the option to share. They will be invited to join with a personalised promo code to use when they sign up and you’ll both receive 10 complimentary Smart Checks.

  • The app is available worldwide (with the exception of the USA and Canada). If you are located in one of these locations and would like to be kept informed about when we will be in the market, please write us.

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